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Help Me Grow New York:

Helping Young Children Thrive.

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Help Me Grow helps children aged birth through 5 reach their full potential by:

Providing families with information on child development and parenting, fun activities to help their children thrive, and personalized connections to local services

Helping families and caregivers track young children’s ongoing progress in building physical, social, behavioral, communications, and thinking skills

Improving the ability of families, caregivers, health and human service providers, and educators to work together in building a strong foundation for our children and a better future for New York’s communities

Track Your Child’s Progress 

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Find Resources, Find Help, Find Support

Studies show that the first five years of life is when 85 percent of brain development occurs. These early years are the most important and set the foundation for a child’s personality, development and future. Let’s work together to help every child thrive.


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Families & Caregivers

Everyone has questions about raising children. Contact Help Me Grow to get answers.

Health Care Providers

Find community resources for children, conduct developmental screenings, and get help linking families with services.

Early Childhood Educators

Conduct developmental screenings, schedule trainings, and get inspired to create outstanding learning experiences.

Child & Family Service Agencies

Strengthen your service to children and families. Contact us for help with early childhood concerns, parent engagement, developmental screenings and local service coordination.



Help Me Grow makes it easier for our practice to offer developmental milestone screenings and they help connect our families with the services and resources they need. We love sharing Help Me Grow educational materials with our parents, too!

– Doctor

Help Me Grow gave me more confidence as a new parent. I was relieved to found out that Sonja is meeting her milestones, and now I have fun developmental activities to do at home with her!

– Mother

We were worried that Jared wasn’t crawling like his little friends. Help Me Grow provided a free ASQ for us, and we found out he might have a delay. Jared’s doctor confirmed this, and now Jared is making great progress with the therapy he needs to get on track.

– Parent

We find a growing number of our students struggling with severe behavior challenges. Help Me Grow helped us develop a social-emotional screening program, showed our staff how to use the results, and provided classroom activities that made everyone calmer and happier. Help Me Grow also supports our families by connecting them with community and parenting programs when needed.

– Early Care & Learning Provider

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