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Help Me Grow

An Opportunity to Help Children Reach Their Full Potential

The early years present incredible opportunity to build a strong foundation for children’s development. The brain develops rapidly during the first five years, laying the foundation for lifelong health, well-being, and achievement. During this time, it’s important that families have the resources they need to provide a strong foundation for their children. All children benefit from an organized system of community resources to help them thrive, including health care, quality early learning experiences, healthy nutrition, and family support.

Mother and Child - Help Me Grow NY

A Better Future Starts with Help Me Grow

By working together to support our young children today, we promote healthier and stronger communities tomorrow.  Help Me Grow provides a solution to help young children thrive. Since 2011, communities in New York State have begun adopting the national, evidence-based Help Me Grow model to advance the health, well-being, and success of children, prenatally through age five.

A Solution to Help Young Children Shine

A network of community resources works like a power grid.  When the grid functions well, families can plug in to an organized flow of resources and easily access the ones they need. Help Me Grow strengthens the grid by maintaining a current directory of available services and connecting service providers to each other to create a powerful, connected system. Families benefit as Help Me Grow listens to them, links them to services, and provides ongoing support.  Help Me Grow is available to all families with children prenatal through age five who may have concerns or want to learn more about their children’s development.

A Vision for a Brighter Future

The Help Me Grow model provides a strong foundation for our children and communities today that leads to a brighter future for all of us tomorrow.

Making Connections. Help Me Grow responds to inquiries from families, creates connected networks of local providers, and links parents with early childhood and family support services—prenatally through a child’s fifth year of age.

Educating Providers. Help Me Grow educates professionals about the importance of developmental surveillance, screening, and follow-up while promoting access and linkage to developmental services and resources.


Identifying Gaps and Barriers. Data is collected and analyzed to document and identify needs, with the goal of building systems that more effectively connect families of young children to community resources.

Building Networks.  Help Me Grow develops ongoing relationships with programs in the community and maintains a comprehensive, up-to-date resource inventory. Local networking events are held in each region of New York that has a Help Me Grow hub to support the development of a well-functioning service network.

Developmental Screening.  All families should have access to developmental screenings so they know whether their child’s skills and behaviors are on track with typical progress. Parents and caregivers also need to know what resources are available to them when help is required. Developmental screenings and follow-up are available free of charge to families in communities that have Help Me Grow.

Help Me Grow is available in some New York State communities at this time.  Click your county on the map below to find out more.