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Help Me Grow

Plug Into the Help Me Grow Network & Power Up

The proven Help Me Grow model is designed to coordinate and strengthen a community’s interconnected grid, or network, of service providers so there are strong and reliable connections across sectors. This helps families get plugged in to the right services at the right times. Use of the Help Me Grow model also helps identify gaps and opportunities and ensures that everyone involved is working with the family in a coordinated manner. Service providers can plug into the Help Me Grow “grid” to increase awareness of their programs, get connected to a powerful referral and support network, and deepen the impact of their services.

Mother, Father and Two Children - Help Me Grow NY

All Children Deserve a Strong Start in Life

Early life experiences and environments lay the foundation for healthy development. Yet, many families need help to provide a strong start for their children. Some families struggle with a child’s developmental disability, skill delay, or challenging behavior. Some are faced with a family health crisis or financial hardship. All families have questions about their children’s progress and development. And all need reliable information about where to turn for help.

Organizations Like Yours Play a Key Role

The system of community resources that children need to thrive functions much like a power grid. A power grid is an interconnected network that provides consistent and reliable electricity across a geographic area. Similarly, there is a grid of resources in a community that is intended to keep children healthy, provide opportunities for success, and help develop their potential. Your organization is an important part of the community’s resource grid, playing a key role in helping children and their families thrive.

You’re there for children and families. Help Me Grow is there for you. GET CONNECTED TODAY!

Help Me Grow is available in select counties within New York State. Click your county on the map below to find out more.