Strengthening Family Protective Factors

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Strong Families Mean Strong, Healthy Children.

Children’s early experiences and relationships shape their physical, social-emotional, and intellectual development. When they grow up in safe and nurturing family environments, children have the best chances for lifelong health, happiness, well-being, and success.

All families go through times when they need support. Often, one organization can’t provide all the resources a family may require. Some children need early intervention services. Others need food, clothing, or safe environments. All young children and their families can benefit from helpful resources like quality early learning experiences, social connections, recreation opportunities, and parent support.

Help Me Grow’s family resource specialists connect families to agencies like yours that meet their needs. We then work with you to make sure that families with young children have ongoing support if they need additional resources. In this way, families are better able to strengthen the protective factors that help them succeed in raising their children, even in the face of risk and challenges. Working across sectors to link families with the resources they need early on, we can support families, prevent abuse and neglect, and help children thrive. Learn more here.

Parents Give Children a Fall-Time Piggy Back Ride - Help Me Grow NY

Promoting Child & Family Resilience: The 5 Protective Factors

Your organization plays an important role in fostering families’ protective factors. Click here for action sheets provided by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, which are helpful resources for agencies working directly with children and their families.

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