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Resources for Teachers & Childcare Providers

Early care and learning providers face many challenges in dedicating themselves to the children and families they serve. It’s important for you to have a trusted resource like Help Me Grow so you can focus on helping children thrive. Help Me Grow offers tools for childcare and education professionals that help you engage parents, connect families with needed community resources, conduct successful developmental screening programs, and strengthen the behavior and learning of children in your care. We work alongside New York State’s childcare resource and referral agencies, child health care providers, community-based organizations, and school districts to provide the most comprehensive set of resources possible for early childhood educators and the families they serve. Our assistance can be customized based on your interests and the size of your program.

Early Childhood Educator and Children - Help Me Grow NY

Teachers & Childcare Providers Play a Key Role

During the first few years of life, a child’s brain is working to “wire” connections together within the brain’s architecture. These connections—which are strengthened by positive interactions with responsive, caring adults—form the basis for behavioral, emotional, social, and learning capacities. As an early care and learning provider, your role is important in building the foundation for a child’s later success in school, the workplace, and the larger community.

All Children Deserve a Strong Start

A child’s best future begins with a strong foundation early in life. Just like a house needs to be built upon a solid foundation, the early experiences, relationships, and environments of children set the stage for all future learning, behavior, and health.

You’re there for children and families. Help Me Grow is there for you. GET CONNECTED TODAY! 

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