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Help Me Grow

A Toolbox for Families with Young Children.

Help Me Grow’s family resource specialists offer you tools to give your children the best chances for health, happiness, and success. We listen.  We answer your questions. We help you connect with information, programs, and services you may need. And we provide ongoing, confidential support as your child grows and develops.

You’re there for your child.  Help Me Grow is there for you — free of charge. GET CONNECTED TODAY! 

Parents and Young Daughter - Help Me Grow NY

Every Child Deserves the Best Start in Life

Your child’s best future begins with a strong start early in life. His or her early experiences and relationships have a great impact on all future learning, behavior, and health. Creating the best start for your child is like creating a solid foundation on which to build a home.   

Every Family Wants the Best for Their Child

As a parent or caregiver, you try to make sure your child has everything he or she needs for a strong start in life. That can be hard when you have to manage all the other demands in your life, too. It’s important to have a trusted resource you can turn to for tools and information that help your child learn and grow—and make your job as a parent or caregiver easier.

Help Me Grow is available in some New York State communities at this time.  Click your county on the map below to find out more.