Child Development: What to Know

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Building a Child’s Well-Being Is Like Building a House.

A house needs a strong foundation to build upon.  Children need a strong foundation to support their development and reach their full potential.

Father Reading to Children - Help Me Grow NY

The Early Years of a Child’s Life Are Important

The early years of a child’s life are critical for their later health and development. A baby’s brain grows very quickly when a mother is expecting and during the early years of life. Although the brain will continue to develop and change over a person’s lifetime, the first five years build a foundation for future

Children Need to Play and Explore Safely

Young children need safe, nurturing places where they can play and explore. How the brain grows is strongly affected by a child’s experiences with other people and the world. Children grow and learn best in a safe environment with plenty of opportunities to play and explore. Parents and other caregivers support healthy brain growth by talking to, playing with, and caring for a child.

The More You Know, the Stronger They Grow

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