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Developmental Milestones Are Important.

Developmental milestones are skills a child learns like taking their first steps, saying their first words, or waving goodbye.  Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, act, and move.  Observing how and when your child does these kinds of things will provide clues about his or her development. While all children are different, and some will do things faster or slower than others, it’s a good idea to track your child’s milestones. This will make it easier for you to celebrate your child’s growth and talk with your child’s health care provider about his or her progress at every office visit.

Toddler Walking with Parents

Track Your Child’s Unique Progress

Help Me Grow provides a tool called questionnaires called the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) to help you identify your child’s progress on milestones.  There are two different versions, the ASQ-3 and the ASQ:SE-2. The ASQ-3 tracks the ways in which your child thinks, speaks, listens, understands, and moves. The ASQ:SE-2 tracks how your child expresses feelings, shows emotions, and behaves. Each of these is available to parents in English and Spanish by clicking to the appropriate Help Me Grow region below. If you need other languages, contact your regional Help Me Grow program.

There is no charge to parents for this service, and the information you provide is confidential. After completing an ASQ, a Help Me Grow family resource specialist will send you the results in the manner you choose (e-mail, text, or standard mail).

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