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Help Me Grow

One Contact, Many Resources.

The proven Help Me Grow model creates a coordinated grid of service providers so there are strong and reliable connections across sectors to promote child health and development. This helps families get plugged into the right services, at the right times, through a single point of contact. It helps communities identify gaps and opportunities so they can better address the needs of children. And it ensures that everyone involved is working with a family in a coordinated manner. Help Me Grow’s family resource specialists link families served by your practice to local resources that address basic needs, parent education, quality childcare, neighborhood programs, child development, and more. With parent permission, referral results can be shared with a child’s medical provider. We can also help you plan and implement successful developmental screening and follow-up programs within your practice. This allows you to focus on health care needs while staying informed about outcomes.

You’re there for children and families. Help Me Grow is there for you. GET CONNECTED TODAY!

All Children Deserve a Strong Start in Life

Early life experiences and environments lay the foundation for healthy development. Yet, many families need help to provide a strong start for their children. Some families struggle with a child’s developmental disability, skill delay, or challenging behavior. Some are faced with a family health crisis or financial hardship. All families have questions about their children’s progress and development. And all need reliable information about where to turn for help.

Families Trust Health Care Providers When it Comes to Their Children

As a child medical provider, families trust you when it comes to keeping their children healthy and on track for development. They also need many resources outside the health care setting to help their young children thrive. Help Me Grow can help health care professionals link families to the local services they need to create a strong foundation for their children.

Help Me Grow is available in some New York State communities. Click your county on the map below to find out more.