Help Me Grow Onondaga Achieves Full Implementation Status

Help Me Grow Onondaga Achieves Full Implementation Status

Apr 15, 2024 | News, Onondaga

Four cooperative and interdependent Core Components characterize the Help Me Grow System Model:

  1. A Centralized Access Point;
  2. Family and Community Outreach;
  3. Child Health Care Provider Outreach; and
  4. Data Collection and Analysis.

The HMG National Center assesses the Affiliate Network annually to determine how far along each HMG system is in Model implementation, using a scale of exploration, installation, implementation, and finally, sustainability. To be classified as being in full implementation, systems must be actively conducting all sixteen “Key Activities” of the HMG Model in their community or state. HMG Onondaga received the results of their 2022 assessment in June 2024, and are proud to report having achieved full implementation status.

Implementing the HMG Model requires large-scale, cross-sector system change, which takes significant time and effort. The HMG Onondaga team is proud of how far HMG Onondaga has come in its first few years and all that they are doing to support the healthy development of children in Onondaga County.